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Come along to the Bendigo Clay Target Club and have some fun.... go on - give it a go !

You will receive a friendly welcome, and plenty of help to show you how it is done, believe me it is great fun.


We have youngsters from 12 years of age up that come along regularly and put a lot of us oldies to shame...So if they can do it - so can you !

 Then under instruction and supervision you can have a go and see if you like it.....

A "round" is 25 targets, and the club Members can provide these on site at a cost of $12 to (Adult Club Members), $14, to (Adult Non-Members), $8 to (Junior Club Members). All you have to do than is to pay for your "clays" as above for the round. If you like it you may want to go for more !

So at a very low cost for an afternoon of friendly conversation, and a round of shooting, it is a wonderful deal to try your skill. This opportunity is only available to individuals on a Tuesday afternoon between 2 and 5.30pm, (Club Practice Day).

Corporate Days are also available at $50 per head. This means a group can enjoy the sport on a Saturday or Sunday under the supervision of qualified coaches. 5 shooters are on the track at any 1 time with an individual coach and you shoot virtually under competition conditions.

You can come along for 3 trial sessions without having to join, just have a word with one of the guys and they will point you in the right direction and provide a safety and gun handling briefing.....


The club has a number of 12-guage, Club Owned "Over & Under" Shotguns that can be used for your session.


Who knows you might like it !, join up, and  even become one of our "top Guns" and win all of our prizes.....However there is no obligation....

Refreshments are available in the club rooms, and in general meals are often available for purchase during club competitions


 Anyway, if you just want to watch what see goes on and become familiar with the process, why not just come along as a spectator and see what goes on... The club holds practice sessions every Tuesday between 2pm & 6pm, so just roll up.

In addition there are a number of competitions that you might like to watch, so please click on the link to the Club Calendar link/s below:

There are also a number of other links you might have look at which I have also provided:


Australian Clay Target Association

Bendigo Clay Target Club (BCTC) 

BCTC 2022 Club Calendar


 Contact Details:


Bendigo Clay Target Club: Ph: 0493542035, Email:


Ground located 551 Bendigo-Pyramid Rd, Woodvale, 8km from Eaglehawk.


Come on - Enjoy - Have a Go