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Woodvale Evaporation Ponds

Latest Information



Hi all,


The Environmental Review Committee for the mining in Bendigo was disbanded by the current government in 2019

Subsequent to this, significant lobbying has been undertaken by local representatives on behalf of the Woodvale Progress Association Inc. for the rehabilitiation of the Woodvale Evaporation Facility.

The mining licenses for GBM/Kaltropic have been cancelled and, and all assetts  have been siezed by government.

Earth Resources of the state government are currently in the process of  final planning for the rehabilitation of the site and your WPA representatives are engaged in this activity. A project manager and project officer have been engaged as part of the process, and an auditor is currently in the process, along with Earth Resources in developing the final rehabilitation design

Links to progressive rehabilitation meetings between WPA representatives, Earth Resources and your local MP's office will be provided below.

We will endeavor to keep the community updated as to progress on this issue through this forum as it is achieved in addition to via the Woodvale Progress Association quarterly meetings and minutes.

Please review the project meeting "Minutes" documents below to understand the items discussed and rehabilitation project progress.


Click on Links Below to open the document....


Link to Ponds Meeting Minutes No 1

Link to Ponds Meeting Minutes No 2