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Our Thanks


Much of the content of this site has been sourced from the Woodvale & District + 25 Community Plan. The authors of this community web site gratefully thank the creators, authors, contributors and sponsors of the Community Plan for providing this content, for the benefit of both the local, and community at large via this web site.


Special thanks must go to The City of Greater Bendigo Regional Council, for their contribution in the creation of this site. In addition, further thanks must be offered to Mr Glen Woodhatch of the Bendigo (Woodvale) Clay Target Club , and Victorian Clay Target Association, for his ongoing generous financial support for this web site.


Our gratitude is also offered to Mr. Ray Wallace, author of many historical books on the region, and his very kind permission to repeat some content of the history of our community from his Book, “Sydney Flat Gold to Woodvale Green”. An excellent read, and highly recommended.


The creation of this web site on behalf of this community and all of the residents of Woodvale could not have happened without the support and assistance of The Woodvale Progress Association. Special thanks must go to senior committee members who have enabled this to occur.