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Environment Review Committee


Although the Bendigo Mining Environmental Committee (as with all others statewide) has now been disbanded by the Andrews Labour Government as of 2019, these have now been diluted to community stakeholders meetings.

Where ERC meetings were originally mandated  as a condition of the "Mining License" and original Environmental Effects Statement, this is no longer the case.

As of 2019 the local mining company (GBM)  has refused to attend any of the stakeholder meetings held by the Earth Resources & Regulation Department, essentially making them irrelevant and not being held accountable for their quarterly monitoring reports or non competencies. 

Woodvale was represented by two Environment Review Committee members as listed in this directory. Even though the ERC committees have been disbanded they have agreed to continue in their original capacity of representing the community for mining matters.

 You can contact either of your former representatives below to gain an update on a rapidly changing situation with regard to the future rehabilitation of the Woodvale Evaporation Ponds/Facility, and GBM Gold's activities.

Committee Members

Rose Walsh, Tel: 0409013399, email:

Gary Davis, Tel:5446-7802, email: